“Leveling Up” to Bottle Logic’s Week of Logic

If you’re a beer lover in Southern California, (or really, anywhere), you’ve probably experienced the delicious beer genius that is Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim, CA. Hoppy and Malty have sung Bottle Logic’s praises many times before because they are one of the singular craft breweries in Orange County turning out endlessly creative and well-constructed IPA’s AND dark, barrel-aged masterpieces. Most breweries seem to do one or the other well. Not Bottle Logic—the magic of their beer science has served them well across the spectrum. The good news is, now they’re also bestowing the good people of Southern California with their 4th Annual Week of Logic extravaganza!

So, what exactly IS, The Week of Logic? Yes, it sounds more like some particularly nasty mid-term exam, but luckily for you, it’s when Bottle Logic showcases their finest, most creative barrel-aged and collaboration beers over the course of one week in mid-March. The premise of the whole event is for beer lovers to visit the brewery between the hours of 12 PM-10 PM every day for one solid week to taste a different handful of showcase beers that are only offered on that particular day. Oftentimes those beers are a surprise. And all the time are they AMAZING. Best yet, there’s a secret society-ish mystique to the whole event. You can go and just taste the beers, sure, but don’t you want to LEVEL UP?

Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Strategy Guide
Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Strategy Guide and Swag!

Bear with me when I tell you that the whole event is themed around vintage video games (though, I have a feeling most of you are internally yelling “AWESOME!”). Not only does Bottle Logic whip out some of their coolest word-play and graphic design on this theme when naming their beers and creating rad labels and exclusive merch, but all participants have the chance to gain the coveted “Level Up” status. This is basically entrance into Bottle Logic’s beer club extraordinaire in that if you go to ALL 7 NIGHTS (no cheating, no make-ups, and no one else can attend for you) and collect ALL the stamps in the Week of Logic passport, you get first dibs on members-only sales of Bottle Logic’s limited edition beers for the rest of the year.

And these are beers from Bottle Logic’s hall of fame—the very best of their limited edition stock—want to add some Jam the Radar to your bottle collection, anyone? Not only that, but there are some seriously cool prizes for each batch of stamps you complete, so even if you fail to finish all 7 nights (but really, why stop when you’ve already started?!) you can still get pins, growlers, and pint glasses that are all exclusive to the event. Pretty cool.

Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Swag

That being said, the event is still only a few years old, and in the past, some kinks with crowd control have needed to be ironed out. Remember: Week of Logic is INSANELY popular, and everyone and their mom will be lined up around the block the opening day (and for pretty much every day after that). The secret is to pick the right hour to attend and I think we can recommend the sweet spot (just don’t tell EVERYONE, geesh!). By getting there every night about an hour before closing  you can typically avoid the longest lines and biggest crowds. Be aware that this year, last call will be at 9:30 PM due to new laws in Anaheim.

There are still usually a few lines inside the warehouse to get tasters, but they move quickly and are easy to navigate. As someone getting past her youth, driving all the way to Anaheim in the middle of the night was sometimes tough for me, but it’s worth it—even if you just go in and drink your tasters, get your stamp and leave, it’s still worth it—keep your eyes on the Level Up prize. Plus, the sense of accomplishment you get from completing all 7 days is pretty great.

If you don’t have work or class early in the morning and want to hang out and drink with your friends, there’s plenty of opportunity to! Though the 2017 event was held in the barrel warehouse next to the main taproom, apparently for 2018 they will be expanding into their full parking lot and adding tents and more seating areas so you can relax for a bit. There’s also food trucks, great exclusive Week of Logic merchandise to be had (I’m looking at you, T-shirt and pin collectors!) and your typical Jenga and corn-hole games going on in the parking lot. Best yet, I know Week of Logic must wreak havoc on the staff and their ability to have a day off or sleep, but they are ALWAYS friendly, gracious, and willing to nerd out with you about their beers—there’s definitely a sense of infectious fun surrounding this event. It’s kind of like 7 Days of Christmas and a trippy, retro beer scavenger hunt all rolled into one.

So, do you have what it takes? Are you willing to make the pilgrimage to drink beer every day for 7 days straight? What kind of question is that? Of course you are! So challenge yourself to meet your personal beer-drinking best—remember, Week of Logic, we salute you!

Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Beer Line

Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Beer Line

Bottle of Logic Week of Logic Beers

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