About Me

Dawn in Firenze, 2003.

My desire to travel began in high school French class. I discovered that I had a knack for languages, and it quickly became my favorite class. I was lucky to have an enigmatic teacher, “Monsieur Dole.” While friends decorated their rooms with posters of the latest teen heart-throbs, I had pin-ups of the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Élysées pulled from National Geographic.

As an undergraduate, I took a lot of Art History classes and fell in love with Italian Renaissance architecture, painting and history. I began to study Italian and re-ignited my passion for language. I dreamed of visiting all of the places I had studied about. Many years later, with my 30th birthday looming on the horizon, I decided it was either now or never. I began to save for my first trip abroad, a two-week trip to Rome, Florence and Venice.

Brunelleschi's Duomo.

That trip changed my life. I officially caught “the travel bug,” and more importantly, conquered a major fear. Traveling alone in a foreign country was both thrilling and frightening, but I learned that despite things like my inability to read a map or power outages that shut down train stations, that I was able to get through it.

This website was created for two reasons. The first is to serve as a repository for my travel photos, videos and journals. Recently I have discovered that I have lost some travel journals. I have also almost lost pictures from early trips. The second purpose is to develop my journal-writing and photography skills. My early trip journals are too personal; my later ones, written mainly to post at travel websites as advice for other travelers, are too factual and leave out personal details. Future journals will strive to find record personal impressions in a tone that will be of interest to other readers. I am also more determined to keep journals of trips that I have deemed as “unimportant,” like trips to neighboring states.

The Spanish Steps, Roma.

Lastly, it is my hope that someday this journal will record my current goal of living in another country (or at least, in another state).  When that happens, I will be ready to document it.

Hopefully, this site will also be of interest to others who know me, or who don’t me. Please do leave a comment if a photo or a bit of the written word makes an impression.

Happy travels!




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