Green Cheek Beer Co. Orange, CA

In the shifting world of craft beer, sometimes things get shook up and reshuffled for the better. That’s the case with Green Cheek Brewing in Orange, CA. Green Cheek was created by Evan Price, the founder of Noble, and Noble’s former CFO, Brian Rauso. And the location of Green Cheek? It’s inhabiting the space vacated by Valiant Brewing. Although the loss of Valiant was mourned by many SoCal beer fans, Green Cheek is so far proving to be a worthy replacement. Named after Orange County’s infamously noisy green parrots, Green Cheek has a noteworthy line-up of beers. We visited shortly after their opening on a hot summer day. Note: Green Cheek does not have air conditioning. The place was packed with beer fans who didn’t care how hot it was inside, because Green Cheek’s Rhymes With Shandy was the light, cool drink that the heat of the day required. Served on ice, the shandy was unremittingly refreshing and it was tempting to down it by the glassful. It was the hands-down favorite of our group. Green Cheek’s other beers, a mix of hazy IPAs, IPAs, lagers, and stouts were met with approval with our diverse group of beer drinkers. Subsequent visits prove that this place already has a popular following among fans who appreciate their dedication to making great beers in a convivial space. Crowler and growler fills are available, and hopefully AC is on the way.
Green Cheek Beer Co Green Cheek Beer Co Green Cheek Beer Co Green Cheek Beer Co

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