Norway Day 1

Day 1. Los Angeles to Oslo. We bought airfare on Norwegian Air for ~$550 round-trip LAX to Oslo, non-stop. We paid extra to check a bag but couldn’t choose seats. A couple of months before our trip, I noticed the flight was filling up, and we decided to pay an extra $60 per person to choose seats. My husband Marc needs the window seat to be able to sleep and I am always stuck with the middle seat…

This is our first international trip in 4 years. For the last 4 years, I’ve been dealing with chronic post-tibial tendonitis and for the last year, plantar fasciitis. These make it hard to be on my feet for more than 1-2 hours a day as it becomes quite painful to walk and stand. It’s the reason why we haven’t been traveling other than “beach vacations.”We chose Norway because it seems like we can enjoy the country via a train, car, bike and kayak.

The day we left, our LAX shuttle arrived early and we had to rush out the door. Our kitty Meadow was lying with her chin on her blanket. Her eyes got wide when she saw Marc pushing the suitcase through the living room but she didn’t raise her head off the quilt. I lied, “Be back soon kitties!” hoping they would believe me… We were the only ones in the shuttle and I felt like I was going to make it without crying.

On the way to LAX we picked up one passenger, someone from Seattle who works at Boeing. A good omen? Traffic was fine to LAX and the security line and line to get our boarding passes weren’t bad. We got through in 30 minutes. We ate at Umami Burger in the international terminal and played Quiddler since we were so early.

Wasting time, playing cards.

Shay (our catsitter) texted that she had arrived an hour early to spend time with the kitties. The plane was almost full. As we were taxiing, Myth by Beach House played. I took this as a good omen as I had been listening to this song a lot lately on my bike rides. The plane was a Dreamliner and had free movies. I watched Darjeeling Limited and then slept on and off.

After we landed there was a huge line for customs. It was a 15 minute walk to get our one checked bag and walk to the fly-to-get express train to Oslo central station. It was pouring in Oslo! We got to Oslo S station and it was coming down in buckets.

This greeted us at the airport! 🙂 We live 15 min. from Laguna Beach…
Oslo Central Station.

It took 15 minutes to walk to Central Oslo hostel and we were drenched. We asked the guy at reception for a restaurant recommendation, and he suggested someplace that was a 15 minute walk away. As if! We were so wet and tired, we ended up at a McDonald’s located by the hostel. Typical Americans! But I was so exhausted and cold I didn’t care.

We walked back to the hostel and it had stopped raining. Neither of us felt like doing our bike tour anymore which really disappointed me because I was so looking forward to it. We had chosen our hostel because of its proximity to the Viking bike shop. We decided to call in the morning to see if we could cancel and decided to take the hop on-hop off bus instead. The hostel room was good, it had heated floors in the bathroom which was a bonus. The walls were a bit thin but the bed was comfy. I think it cost about $120-130/night. We went to bed fairly early at 10 PM.

Our private room with bath.
Oslo Central Hostel’s communal area.
Oslo Central Hostel
Oslo Central Hostel

Go on the next part of the journey!

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